Power. Full.

Discover our wireless charger
Spansive Source solves the daily struggle of needing to charge multiple devices. It’s your new wireless solution that powers up to six, all at once.
  • Everyone can power up at once.

    Promote peace in the living room, or the conference room. With Spansive Source’s ability to charge up to six devices at a time, there’s no rock-paper-scissors over outlets and cords. Everyone can place their device on the Source, charge, and go.

  • All devices welcome.

    Tablet or phone. Apple or Android. There’s no power struggles here––Spansive Source works with them all. Compatible with leading Qi-enabled phones out of the box and with support for future phones added when they're released, you can finally have one power solution for all your devices.

  • Place it with
    any case.

    Whether your device is sporting a thick protective case, a PopSocket, or you’re living on the edge––case-free, the Source always works beautifully. Plus, you’ll never have to find the perfect position––just place your device anywhere on the Source and you’ll be powered, effortlessly.

The Source thinks of everything.

Spansive for the office.

Never run out of power on those long conference calls––Spansive keeps you focused on work.

Spansive Source Recall Notice

Ordering more than 10?

That's wonderful! Our team can help. Please let us know how many units you would like and how best to reach you - we will follow-up with you right away.
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Compatible devices:

  • Apple

    • iPhone 8
    • iPhone 8 Plus
    • iPhone X
    • iPhone XS
    • iPhone XS Max
    • iPhone XR
  • Samsung*

    • Galaxy S7 Edge
    • Galaxy S7 Active
    • Galaxy S7
    • Galaxy Note 8
    • Galaxy S8+
    • Galaxy S8
    • Galaxy Note 9
    • Galaxy S9+
    • Galaxy S9
    • Galaxy S10
    • Galaxy S10+
    • Galaxy S10e

Power up your team.

No more jockeying for the few outlets in the conference room. Let’s chat about outfitting your office with the Source.
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