Spansive is on a mission to make power an unlimited resource, to provide people with infinite potential.

Everybody in.

Everybody in.

The Beginning

Way back, well, not that way back—in 2014, our founders John and Lixin met working at MIT. Lixin was a PhD candidate and graduate of Tsinghua University’s famous computer science program, and John was a physician completing his MBA while doing research at the MIT Media Lab. At the time, John was looking for a new way to power small health devices and Lixin was working on a math proof to calculate how to shape magnetic fields in real time. They both wanted to transform power from a limited resource into limitless potential to build the power infrastructure for the next generation of incredible devices. After more than a year working together in Lixin’s lab, in late 2015, they founded Spansive (formerly known as Pi).

The Present

Fast forward to today, John and Lixin have brought together the world-class team at Spansive to build the world’s most advanced wireless charging products and technology. They are curiosity in action, building concepts into products designed for people, not just devices. They are the collective genius behind Spansive’s software-defined induction technology, award-winning design, and deeply inclusive culture. The Spansive team has launched and shipped over fifteen products at companies like Apple, Intel, and Texas Instruments, and they are always looking for new, curious minds to join them. If you’re interested in learning what it’s like to work at Spansive, check out our Careers page.

Imagine you are about to skydive, it might look scary and unsafe at first but you're surrounded by lots of talented people that know what they are doing, and it will make the experience nothing but fun and rewarding!
Florian Firmware Engineer
I love the fact that, even when deadlines are tight, everyone keeps a positive attitude, stays focused on his or her tasks, and remains available to help a coworker.
Carrie Director of Marketing
Great team, flexible hours and super cool product!
Miro Director of Operations
Spansive Office

Want to join us?

Hiring the right people is important to us, so we are always eager to meet amazing people like you. If you’re curious, we would love to hear from you.

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